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The 1GLOBAL Connectivity Management platform allows you to manage the connectivity service provided by 1GLOBAL. The platform controls the full life-cycle of connectivity Subscriptions, Devices and SIM cards, enabling enterprises to reduce time to market and quickly capitalize on new M2M-related revenues.

The main features of the Connectivity Management platform are:



The dashboard is a dynamically configured view that allows the customer to get an overview of the connections usage, state of the inventory of devices, latest charges, latest alerts and latest notifications. Account Management Control the customer details, user accounts, sub organizations and communications with customers.


Control the details of the rate plans associated to the SIM cards. Check the monthly invoice with detailed usage and fees.

SIM Lifecycle Management

Manage full life cycle of SIM cards. Manage over-the-air SIM Card activation, Send SMS and check latest location and device. Get the history of the SIM card, short messages, locations and call detail records.


Monitor and control the devices used by the SIM cards.


Create rules associated with specific SIM cards and devices based on type of call detail records, content of short message, location, device and usage (e.g., after X megabytes). Rules can be sent by email, SMS, Push API and SNMP traps.


Be notified in real time about SIM Card and device updates (e.g., activations and deactivations and SIM card and account actions).


Create reports to deep dive to the details of the usages. Reports can be based on the inventory of SIM cards, rate plans, locations, usage, rules and notifications.

Audit Trail

Check every action performed by users, by the platform on behalf of users (e.g., rules triggered) and actions by the operator or by platform on behalf of the operator that affect your account.


REST-based API with the most relevant operations to manage your SIM card and device inventory. The API has granular permissions, token based authentication and throttling / rate limiting. See our public repository for demo clients (e.g., PHP, Python and JavaScript).


Real-time troubleshooting. IP addresses, VPN and private APNs. Two-way SMS. Exports (e.g., CSV, PDF or Email). Network status. And more...