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The platform notifications saves all changes occurred in the SIM Cards, such as rate plan, device or status changed as well as other changes.


Each notification as the following structure:

  • Type - notification type (e.g. SIM Card Update)
  • Source Type - source type (e.g. ICCID)
  • Source - the source value (e.g. 8944503530143984580)
  • Date - date then the notification was created
  • Value - store additional information of the notification, for example the new rate plan that - will be associated
  • Description - notification sub type (e.g. data service)
  • State - new state if applicable (e.g. blocked)


To view the notification list, click on the Notification section in the left menu, a similar table as the figure bellow will appear.


Device list view.

To export the information you can click “Export” and choose the method to export the information, see Notifications Export for more information.