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Device are automatically detected by the platform and shown with details if the device is registered in the GSMA IMEI database. Users can edit labels and create rules to check if a SIM card is in a different device.


To view the list of devices attached to your SIM Cards, click on the Devices sections located in the left Menu. Each row shows the IMEI, date first registered, label and SIM card attached.


An IMEI is composed of 14 digits + 1 check digit and this last digit is used to detect human data entry errors. Since the IMEI is automatically detected by the network and then replicated to the IoT Portal without any human interaction, the check digit is not displayed.


Device list view

The above list shows all the devices that were associated with a SIM from the organization at least once. In a scenario where a SIM is used in multiple devices, the device list will list all the devices but it will only show a SIM card in the last used device while the others are displayed without a SIM.

To export the information you can click “Export” and choose the method to export the information, see Devices Export for more information.


When selecting a single device, you can view its details. If the device is already in the GSMA IMEI database, the platform show the manufacturer, marketing name and the bands which operates.

You can add or edit the label and the description.


Device detail view.