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Activating SIMs

Once logged into your account, you can activate SIM’s by:

  1. Clicking the Activated SIMs button immediately after completing registration,

  2. Clicking the Activate SIMs button on IoT Portal Dashboard,

  3. By visiting

Add SIMs

To activate one (or a small number) of SIM’s, you simply need to enter in the ICCID and PUK code (if prompted) for each SIM card (PUK is not required for MFF2 SIM’s ).

You can enter as many SIM’s as you like, as long as they are from the same supplier.

To bulk-activate your SIMs you can use the the activation code (provided by 1GLOBAL)

and select the SIM's you want to activate.

Select a plan

Once you have selected the SIMs to be activated, to proceed, select continue to select the plans (available plans for your SIMs may be different from those in the below image). This plan selection will then apply to each SIM you have selected on the previous screen.

If you want to apply different plans to different SIM cards, you will have to complete several activations.

To complete purchase, enter your payment details and billing address. You will not be charged for free plans.

Activate SIM(s)

Review the order details and select activate plan(s). This will activate the chosen plan on your selected SIMs. After 30 seconds, SIM’s will be activated on the 1GLOBAL network and ready for use.

You will receive a receipt to the email that you've registered to you account.

Select Manage SIM’s to see your SIM’s on your account.