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Default prepaid top-up limit to 0

· One min read

We change the default prepaid top-up limit to 0 (before was unlimited) and delivered general improvements.

What’s new?

  • Default prepaid top-up limit - Organizations with a prepaid business model and with the ability to top up SIMs will now have the possibility to go directly to the Manage Top-ups page from the sub-organization creation page. Also, we changed the default top-up limit per plan to be zero instead of unlimited which will enable a better control on the connectivity allowance per SIM or sub-organization.

sub_organizations_topup_limit_information Save and manage top-ups on sub-organization creation page

What’s fixed or improved?

  • Rate Plans on SIM Details page - Users with a Tech User role don't have permissions to check the rateplan history of a SIM and, even though they could not access this information, a link to that page was available in the SIM details page of each SIM. This was causing some confusion to the users and we have removed the buton from the page.