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· One min read

General improvements on the SIM list and SIM service status.

What’s fixed or improved?

  • SIM List - We fixed an issue on the SIM list feature that was occuring when sorting the list by data usage amount. The list is now being sorted correctly in an ascending or descending order.

  • SIM Service Status - There was an issue affecting some SIMs in a suspended status that was allowing SIMs to still send or receive SMSs which is now fixed and working as intended.

· One min read

We have improved the change SIM status flow by removing the transactional states ("Moving to*") and by applying the changes immediately.

What’s fixed or improved?

  • Change SIM status immediately - The SIM status flow was improved execute this type of changes immediately and without a transactional "Moving to *" state. With this, the change status flow has a better SLA and is more resilient. More details on SIM Life-cycle section.

  • Duplicate pre-active options - We removed a duplicate "Pre-Active" entry in the SIM status dropdown filter in the SIM list. More details on SIM List section.

· One min read

We added a counter for rateplan changes and improved the SIM list feature user experience.

What’s new?

  • Rateplan changes counter - Users can now check how many rateplan changes a SIM has had. This information is available under "Billing Information" on the SIM details page.


What’s fixed or improved?

  • Filter by provisioning date - The SIM list was not calculating the correct number of pages whenever the applied filter was the provisioning date. This has been fixed to match the exact number of pages.

  • Filter by rateplans - The rateplan dropdown filter on the SIM list was displaying duplicate rateplans making it hard to find distinct ones from the list. This filter was improved to list the distinct rateplans.

· One min read

SIM list is now faster and more resilient

What’s fixed or improved?

  • SIM list - The SIM list feature was improved to load the SIMs faster and we also fixed some bugs related to filters. This feature is now more resilient and provides a better user experience.


More details on SIM list section.