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The 1GLOBAL eSIM comes as standard with our global IoT connectivity.

It’s a smart, rewritable and multi network module—which can either be embedded into the device itself or written onto a plastic removable card. A different type of SIM, that allows customers to switch network providers without removing the SIM and store multiple profiles on a single device.

Enable IoT deployments to be updated by pushing profile changes to the devices from a unified control platform and connect any device more efficiently and available in more form factors' flexibility to reduces the amount of device space taken up.

Many of our customers are moving to embedded SIM technology due to space, operating environment (temperature, waterproofing, vibration) or the desire to bundle connectivity with their devices.

Traditional SIM form factors are large and prevent further miniaturisation of IoT and Consumer devices, e.g. 4FF-Nano is 12.3mm vs MFF is 6mm. Not only are traditional SIM cards expensive to distribute, it takes the precious space inside the device and increases the complexity of connecting devices.

Current SIM distribution requires physical fulfilment and logistics to insert a SIM card in a device to enable connectivity in a device. A removable SIM can be removed from the device essentially breaking connectivity, which could be a problem for e.g. theft prevention/tracking.

Ultimately the traditional SIM was designed for phones and not designed for mass production of IoT devices. It is simply not cost effective or practical to physically change a SIM card (E.g. hidden, sealed in waterproof container)

With a 1GLOBAL eSIM we enable customers to maintain a single product SKU for a device that is manufactured and given to customers without tying the device to a specific location / network operator until destination country is known and device boots up.

We offer a flexible solution to including a SIM in any industrial or consumer device to enable standard compliant, cost effective cellular connectivity all whilst providing a seamless out of the box connectivity experiences.

Each eSIM comes pre-integrated with the 1GLOBAL Remote SIM provisioning platform enabling customers to support switching between mobile operators without swapping physical SIM cards.


  • Simplify SIM logistics – single SKU
  • Create thinner, smaller device
  • Simple out of the box experience
  • Source connectivity from one-place – no need to chase after best
  • Transform your business by keeping devices always connected – whatever the form factor, country of manufacture and geography of operation.
  • Increase value by making connectivity an option that can be enabled locally or remotely during any phase of manufacture or operation
  • Decrease cost and increasing the value and enabling new generation of always connected devices.

Form factors

Our eSIM comes in multiple form factors to support single SKU manufacturers with a GSMA compliant eSIM, out of the box connectivity and flexibility to support any mobile operator. We also stock different variants to ensure the most suitable SIM is used for your application taking into account the operating and storage temperature, humidity, moisture, shock corrosion and vibration of the mobile equipment.

Removable SIM Form factor: 3-in-1 removable SIM;Supports devices with SIM slot

Embedded SIM Form factor: MFF2, WLCSP; Soldered into the device

Removable / PlasticSolderedHardware Integrated
Ruggedized and with higher enduranceInstalled during manufacturing of devicePart of the cellular module architecture
Standard (1FF), Micro (2FF) Mini (3FF) and Nano (4FF) sizesMFF2 / QFN8 sizeWLCSP size


Our eSIM comes in multiple form factors to support single SKU manufacturers with a GSMA compliant eSIM, out of the box connectivity and flexibility to support any mobile operator.

SIM CardSpecificationLength (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)
Mini-SIM (2FF)ISO/IEC 7810:2003 IF-00025150.76
Micro-SIM (3FF)ETSI TS 102 221 v9.0.0. (based on 3GPP TS 21.101), Mini-UICC15120.76
Nano-SIM (4FF)ETSI TS 102 221 V11.
Solderable SIM (MFF2)ETSI TS 102 671 v9.0.0, SON-865<1.00


CharacteristicClassicIoTExtreme (MFF2 only)Automotive (MFF2 only)
Temperature-25ºC to +85ºC-40ºC to +105ºC-40ºC to +105ºC-40ºC to +105ºC
Form Factors2FF, 3FF, 4FF and MFF22FF, 3FF, 4FF and MFF22FF, 3FF, 4FF and MFF2MFF2
M2M QualificationJEDECJEDEC, AECQ100, PPAP level 3
Data Retention10 years10 years10 years15 years


Each 1GLOBAL SIM cards use a unique SIM ID (EID) to identify the eSIM and is a dedicated serial number for each eSIM. For preloaded connectivity profiles, the ICCID is used to identify the profile loaded onto the SIM in addition to a PUK to support secure activation and unlocking of that SIM profile if required.


Our standard removable eSIMs look like this.

Our SIMs have simplified packaging, such as a simple plastic wrap, to reduce costs and the overhead of manufacturing and shipping SIMs.

Bespoke artwork (for removable SIMs only) is available on request with a minimum order quantity of 10,000 SIMs and subject to additional charges.