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Remote SIM Provisioning


All of our SIMs provide support for eSIM provisioning and multiple network operators on a single chip and provides a future proof solution for IoT devices.

A factory-loaded profile will enable global connectivity for every device that allows for provisioning of any mobile operator profile. It can be used just when powered on for first time or for the rest of its life depending on the requirements.

eSIM Types

Two models of remote SIM provisioning are supported depending on the type of eSIM you are using.

M2M eSIM: Without or little customer interaction and where device manufacturer manages connectivity a server driven (push model) is used to provision and manage remotely operator profiles
Consumer eSIM: End-user has direct choice of the connectivity provider and using a client driven (pull model) to provision and manage remotely operator profiles

All this means that devices can come with an embedded SIM (eSIM) that can be smaller, more power efficient, waterproof and resilient and managed completely remotely. Remote SIM Provisioning can enable the right carrier profile, at the right time on a device controlled from the network or the device to optimise cost and/or quality.

1GLOBAL is committed to supporting the latest GSMA specifications and can be tailored to device makers specific use cases. Our eSIMs are all GSMA certified and tested by trusted third party UL Testing Labs.

Traditional SIM distribution requires physical fulfilment and logistics to insert a SIM card in a device to enable connectivity in a device. eSIM changes all of this with the ability to support multiple carriers and avoid lock in with a specific provider. eSIM allows customers to maintain a single product SKU for a device that is manufactured without tying the device to a specific location / network operator until destination country is known and device boots up and through our remote SIM provisioning platform provide a secure method for mobile network operators to store, remotely provision and manage their carrier profiles on an embedded SIM.

1GLOBAL has a growing list of network partners pre-integrated with our Remote SIM provisioning platform to enable this with our solution fully interoperable with all GSMA-compliant eUICC vendors with committed support for the GSMA specifications.

With remote SIM provisioning, we can provide over-the-air update capabilities to any standard eSIM that allows you to remotely manage the active subscription on these devices.

If you wish to enable and make use of Remote SIM Provisioning for your solution, please get in touch with our support team.


  • Remote SIM Provisioning is pre-integrated with all Consumer and M2M eSIM's provided by 1GLOBAL
  • Trusted platform GSMA SAS-SM Certified in 1GLOBAL’s sites in London and Amsterdam
  • Interoperable based on latest GSMA specifications
  • Flexibility to support for any type of device
  • Simple to integrate with device manufacturing process or operating system to make it simple for customers to connect their devices
  • Our in house developed platform can be customised to support specific device use cases
  • Secure innovation platform eSIM is not just about connectivity, leverage our Remote SIM provisioning + hardware based secure element for credential provisioning to other services