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Global Operations


1GLOBAL invests in great customer experience, service quality and service support when at home or abroad. Our core network provides complete visibility and control over the customer traffic and experience and is equipped with global network monitoring tooling to measure, detect, resolve and prevent issues for customers.

The 1GLOBAL operations centre is in Lisbon, Portugal working alongside our team of engineers. The network operating model is designed to support high subscriber and device growth across the world. Over 10 years it has become a trusted partner for customers around the world including major device manufacturers and multi-national enterprises. Our unified technology and operations team to ensure any problem, no matter how complex is never far away from a solution.

1GLOBAL has developed in-house tools to support great service management across our global mobile network. This includes:

  • Complete network probing
  • Advanced fault management
  • Call flow trace for any event
  • Customer Experience Manager (CEM)

A key component of this is our Parachute Box which enables us to execute remote connectivity tests from our network operations centre and report back service performance and network characteristics to our engineering teams. This also supports LTE-M and NB-IoT remote testing capabilities.

To support in-the-field testing, 1GLOBAL also use developed tools and scripts with selected IoT development kits to support with customer deployments and IoT device installation.

Our operational tools are equipped to provide APIs to integrate support processes with existing business process if required.


  • Global visibility and access to quality data to provide fast feedback to product development
  • Modern tooling and agile processes for high service quality and continuous integration
  • Expert teams – highly skilled mobile connectivity experts
  • Net Promoter Score of 40+ is indicative of our ability to handle customer complaints in real-time and in-depth analysis at individual level.
  • The engineering line attending to 95%+ of escalated incidents in less than one hour
  • ISO27001 certified
  • Complete network probing to remotely detect and resolve service problems
  • Advanced fault management to detect problems often before our partner networks detect them
  • Traffic flow trace available for any event that occurs on the 1GLOBAL network
  • Customer Experience Manager (CEM) to have a 360-degree view of every user’s connectivity experience
  • Parachute Box to remotely test and monitor our global network

Technical Support

The 1GLOBAL Technical Service Team operate a 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year basis service, handling incidents reported, providing multi-lingual support for addressing queries and incidents. They aim to resolve issues on first contact.

Our support service includes dedicated teams capable of detailed investigation of any issues raised by our customers.

They undertake detailed diagnosis and resolution or escalation as necessary. These also proactively monitors our networks and systems to identify any potential problems. In the unlikely event that change is required in code, operational infrastructure, it is managed by 1GLOBAL's engineering team and implemented through change control and release management process.

Operations consist of specialist technical teams providing focussed expertise in Systems, Platforms, Applications, Security and Billing.

Service Level Agreements

1GLOBAL operates a global network and systems infrastructure to provision and support its Services. 1GLOBAL is able to offer 99.9% availability of these networks and systems with the following exceptions:

  • Radio Networks in 1GLOBAL Countries: In each 1GLOBAL country, 1GLOBAL partners with a large incumbent Mobile Network Operator (MNO) in order to ensure the best possible radio coverage. Coverage provided to 1GLOBAL customers is no different to that provided by the operator directly to their end customers and the availability of radio network coverage will also be the same.
  • Roaming Services: Radio network services in roaming countries are provided by roaming partners. In the roaming industry there are no service availability levels provided. To help mitigate this, 1GLOBAL works with multiple operators in each country.

1GLOBAL offers targeted response and service restoration times. All restoration times presented reflect the maximum time expected to restore from an incident.

Incident Management

1GLOBAL places high value on communication with our customers, this is reflected in our commitment to regular updates during any incident customers may experience.

1GLOBAL makes available simple mechanism to quickly report incidents with teams that can actually diagnose and resolve the issue. Upon receipt, a case reference will be provided by 1GLOBAL to the customer over email.

1GLOBAL also proactively inform customers of any P1 outages regardless of whether the customer has already reported any related incidents.

Planned Maintenance & Change Management

In accordance with our commitment to the continual improvement of our service, 1GLOBAL may perform planned maintenance that may in very infrequent instances result in a temporary degradation of parts or all the platform service. 1GLOBAL operates a Change Advisory Board (CAB) who are responsible for approval of all changes planned / emergency who meet weekly to review all changes proposed for the following week.

As such:

  • 1GLOBAL will endeavour to limit any impact experienced by customers by scheduling these during periods of low activity. This is based on traffic monitoring.
  • Advance notice 7 working days will be given of any upcoming maintenance that affects primary 1GLOBAL services that may / may not be service impacting
  • Notification will be issued to the nominated customer contacts