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· One min read

Usage and event rules now support multiple notification emails.

What’s new?

  • Multiple notification emails - Users now have the possibility of configuring multiple email addresses in both event and usage rules. This way, users won't have to configure duplicate rules to notify multiple users at the same time.

rules_step5_multiple_emails Support for multiple notification emails in rules

More details on the rules section.

· One min read

We have improved the usability on some of the features.

What’s fixed or improved?

  • SIM card notifications - The SIM card notifications screen was not displaying correctly when the SIM had a notification for SMS service suspension. This has been improved to list all notifications correctly.
    More details on Notifications section.

  • Select countries for rules - In the flow for creating or modifying an event rule with a "New country/network" trigger, users were facing an issue after filtering for a country (from the list of available countries) and trying to move it to the selected countries list, frequently a different country was moved instead. This section of the rule flow was improved to always move the selected country.

  • Filter by date calendar in SMS History - The date picker filter option from the SMS history screen was being displayed with a transparent background which made it harder for users to select a date. We have already fixed this and users can now see the date picker correctly.