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General usability improvements

· One min read

We have improved the usability on some of the features.

What’s fixed or improved?

  • SIM card notifications - The SIM card notifications screen was not displaying correctly when the SIM had a notification for SMS service suspension. This has been improved to list all notifications correctly.
    More details on Notifications section.

  • Select countries for rules - In the flow for creating or modifying an event rule with a "New country/network" trigger, users were facing an issue after filtering for a country (from the list of available countries) and trying to move it to the selected countries list, frequently a different country was moved instead. This section of the rule flow was improved to always move the selected country.

  • Filter by date calendar in SMS History - The date picker filter option from the SMS history screen was being displayed with a transparent background which made it harder for users to select a date. We have already fixed this and users can now see the date picker correctly.